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So, as some of you may be able to tell, I haven't really posted much recently. As of now I decided that I wanted to rank all of my posted music. All 34 of them (not including Exasperation's WIP). Why at 1 AM? I was bored.

34: Protactinium

For obvious reasons. I'm not sure why I even posted it.

33: Flute Fleet

Really awkward. Not entirely sure why it sounds so weird, but some of the notes seem slightly delayed, which detracts from the piece overall.

32: Pulse

It was dragged on for way too long. Really boring.

31: Keeb

I at first liked how it turned out, but it's basically two different pieces of music in one, mashed together to make something significantly worse.

30: Burst

It kinda hurts to listen to. Maybe more than just 'kinda'.

29: Tribe Takeover

A bit weird.

28: Glock

It was short, only being around 30 seconds long.

27: Install

It basically copied another piece of music, and some of the notes were a bit off.

26: Blockwalk

Some of the notes feel a bit awkward. I don't have much against it though.

25: 13

I have a strong emotional connection to this one, and I do like it, but it's very long, and I wouldn't sit through it normally. The transitions are also a bit weird at some points.

24: Down The Waterfall

I'm slightly annoyed by how this one turned out. I do like it, but it sounds a bit weird.

23: Basslines

I don't have anything against it, but it's kinda boring compared to most of my other music.

22: Distance

It doesn't have much going on in it, and I never got to do much after the ending.

21: Sunset (WIP)

The random changes in volume are a bit odd.

20: Grasslands

I liked the style, but it's a bit quiet, and could be boring.

19: Toxins (WIP)


18: Abandon

I really liked this one when I made it, although it's really short, only being a minute long. I like it though.

17: Late Night Takeout In May (WIP)

Could be a bit boring.

16: Count

A bit odd. I don't know what else to say here.

15: Shot Wave

I really liked this one at the time, but it's odd in some places.

14: Battle

I really liked this piece for some reason. It does seem a bit over-compressed though.

13: Forest (WIP)

There isn't really much special.

12: Void (WIP)

There isn't much special about this one either.

11: Strawberry Margarita (WIP)

It's a bit odd in some points, but I like some of the chords. Mostly the same problem with the last two.

10: Caverns (WIP)

I vaguely feel like I've heard a little bit of this from somewhere. It was used in a game once though, so that's pretty cool.

9: Toothbrush Party

I really like this one. My only problem is that it's a bit short.

8: Deep Sea Mystery

This one was made in less than a day, I'm pretty sure.

7: Sandy Streets

There isn't really much special about this one, but I enjoyed it.

6: Toothbrush Tango

I liked the vibe, despite that it wasn't actually a tango.

5: Diseased (WIP)

I like the ominous vibe.

4: Relentless

I really liked this one too. The ending does feel a bit weird though.

3: Left Me Alone (Instrumental)

I loved this one, and how it tied two different pieces together.

2: Crush (WIP)

I loved this one. I don't know what to say about it though.

1: Exasperation

Of course this one is my favorite. I love it. I put an insane amount of effort into this one, and I think it turned out really well.

Well, there's my list! It took me 1.5 hours to make. It is now 2:30. Of course, I am always making efforts to improve my music quality. This can be seen in how many of the more recent pieces are much higher on the list. Anyways, I should probably sleep now.

P.S.: Don't go to sleep and forget that your cat also fell asleep in your room, and is now meowing at 3 AM to be let out.




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